Septic Pumping – How Often Should Septic Tank Pumps Be Pumped?

Having septic tank pumping often does not have to necessarily mean something is wrong with the system. Many people believe that even if the Septic tank is in good working order, it should not be pumped unless it is apparent that something is ailing it.

While this belief is not necessarily false, having your Septic tanks pumped periodically will really increase the life of your Septic tanks. What’s more, you’ll be making sure the system is running efficiently, so you’ll be able to use less chemicals. The amount of chemicals you use to manage your Septic can vary based on the type of septic system you have in place and the amount of water you have to drain off of the waste before it goes into the waste water system.

There are several types of pumps you can use to keep the system running smoothly. One way to keep the system running properly is by using a mechanical pump. There are two main categories of mechanical pumps available, which include pumps with a pressure regulator and those with an impeller. When you have a pressure regulator pump, the pump will depend on the pressure levels in the Septic tank to make sure that the pump is operating at full capacity.

You will find that some pressure regulators can also provide the pump with feedback, so the pump can determine when to switch over to another type of pump if it is not being able to provide enough pressure. Some regulators also have other features such as timers and other advanced options.

A second way to increase the life of your pump is to have an automatic shut-off system installed. Automatic shut-off systems have sensors that will detect when the pressure is too high or low. Once you notice that the pressure in the Septic tank has reached a specific level, the system will automatically turn on and switch off itself to prevent further water from entering the tank.

Keeping your Septic pump clean and running efficiently is very important, and keeping it in good working order will ensure that your proper septic system is maintained properly for many years. Keep an eye on the pump and be sure it is running smoothly. If you notice any problems, be sure to have them addressed before they cause any major problems.