Benefits of Working With George Scorsis

George Scorsis Florida

George Scorsis is a prominent businessman who has proven his expertise in the highly regulated cannabis industry. He has served as the executive chairman of WeedMD, a leading cannabis company. He also owns a small production facility in Ontario, Canada. While he has retired from his executive duties in Florida, he still retains an interest in the state’s business. If you’re interested in finding out more about George Scorsis, read the following.

He has over 15 years of experience in industries that are highly regulated, including alcohol, energy drinks, and medical cannabis. After receiving emails from mothers with children suffering from seizures, George Scorsis Florida decided to create a company that could address these concerns. The company’s name reflects its values and mission statement. As a businessman, he’s dedicated to helping people find solutions to their daily problems. Listed below are some of the benefits of working with George Scorsis.

The company’s name has changed a couple of times. It’s not clear what exactly Scorsis’ role will be. He’s not leaving the Board position, but he’s stepping down as CEO and assuming a different position at the company. As the CEO, he’s stepping down as CEO, and has been replaced by Victor E. Mancebo. The interim CEO, whose knowledge of the company’s operations is extensive, will serve as interim CEO and fill the Board vacancy until a permanent replacement is found.

While Scorsis’ decision to step down from the board of directors doesn’t mean that the company’s operations will change, he has extensive experience in navigating growth. He previously served as the president of Red Bull Canada, where he restructured the business and turned it into $150 MM in revenue. He also worked closely with Health Canada to develop a strict set of guidelines regarding energy drinks. The most recent position he held was as the CEO of Mettrum Health Corp., which he acquired for $430 million.

A few months ago, Scorsis announced that he would step down from his position as CEO. During this transition period, he’ll also be stepping down from his Board seat. The company’s board chairperson is now Victor E. Mancebo, who is a resident of Florida and knows the company’s operations well. The interim CEO will serve as the company’s president until a replacement is found.

In February, George Scorsis resigned as the CEO of WeedMD. As the company’s Chairman, he will continue to lead the company. His position will remain vacant until a new CEO is hired. As a former executive of a major Canadian corporation, Scorsis’ involvement with the company’s operations has been instrumental in its growth. He was the founder of Mettrum’s first Florida-based marijuana dispensary.

In April, George Scorsis stepped down from his position as CEO of Liberty Health Sciences Inc. and is stepping down from his Board position. As a result, the company’s Board vacancy will be filled by Victor E. Mancebo, a Florida resident with extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry. Mancebo will also serve as the interim CEO of the company until a new CEO is hired.

Scorsis is an entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. He is a pioneer in the cannabis industry, and his experiences in the medical field will prove to be invaluable for the company. He will soon be stepping down from his Board position and will be replaced by Victor E. Mancebo, who has extensive knowledge of the company’s operations. However, he will remain as chairman of the company until a new CEO is found.

Since his retirement, George Scorsis has resigned as CEO and stepped down from his position on the Board. As a resident of Florida, he is well-aware of the company’s operations and will take on the role of interim CEO. The vacancy will be filled by Mancebo for the time being until a replacement is found. If you’d like to know more about George Scorsis, read on.

After resigning as CEO of WeedMD, he is now working on a new venture. He is now the executive chairman of the company’s medical marijuana division. His experience as an entrepreneur has spanned a variety of industries and is currently in the cannabis industry. As an executive, he has the skills necessary to help grow the company’s revenue and make it a viable business.