Bachelorette Party Ideas For a Magical Celebration

Bachelorette party ideas

Disneyland or Disney World are great choices for a memorable Bachelorette party. Not only do they have Mickey and Minnie, but also iconic landmarks, Princesses, and more. Combined with character visits and favorite rides, a day at the park will be a magical time for everyone. There are even fireworks at Disney World to end a magical day. Theme parks also offer unique opportunities for unique experiences. You can even plan an outing to a famous landmark.


The bride-to-be and her girls can get away from it all and experience a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping activity while celebrating her upcoming wedding. Skydiving is one of those unique bachelorette party ideas, but it may not be for everyone. If you have never been skydiving, you should consider getting trained beforehand to ensure a safe jump. Skydiving can cost about $250 per person and requires more than a day of commitment.

Baking class

If the bride is a foodie and loves to bake cakes, you might want to consider hosting a bachelorette party where she can master the art. This is a fun and affordable way to celebrate her upcoming wedding without the hassle of a traditional bridal shower. Guests will also feel as though they learned something new, and it will be a wonderful memory for her. In addition, cooking classes are also a great venue for a bachelorette party since they can be held virtually, so there is no need to worry about the crowd.

Nautical theme

Planning a bachelorette party with a nautical theme? Then a gold anchor bottle opener is the perfect nautical accessory! It’s not expensive, but it’ll look adorable with a striped tote bag. If you’re throwing the party in a hotel room, a gold anchor bottle opener is the perfect way to incorporate this nautical theme into the party supplies. The gold glittery design is accented with a navy anchor for a cute nautical nod.

Sober and dirty games

Bachelorette parties are fun, but if you’re worried that your party will be too sober, you can incorporate a few dirty games into the festivities. These games are both simple and hilarious, and can be a great way to bond with your new bride-to-be. One example is the bridal shower “lie line” game. Each player in the bridal shower is required to ask the bride-to-be questions that are both daring and embarrassing. The answer the bride chooses is correct, but if the questioner is incorrect, they must drink a shot of alcohol from a bottle. The team with the most points wins.

Volunteer options

If the bride doesn’t want her bachelorette party to be all about her, there are lots of volunteer options available. Pick up trash in a favorite park, volunteer at an animal shelter, or walk fluffy critters. Another option is to take part in a local 5K fundraiser. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll all feel good about helping others. Volunteering will also make your bachelorette party unique and memorable.