A Well-Known Florida Businessman

A pioneer in the marijuana industry, George Scorsis is an integral part of the Florida business community. His many accomplishments include the purchase of Starseed, an Ontario-based cannabis company. A long-time advocate of legalization and the safety of patients, George is a well-known businessman with a diverse background. Read on to learn more about his accomplishments and how he has contributed to Florida’s marijuana industry.

George Scorsis Florida

A veteran of the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis has spent the last two decades working with various companies to improve the state of the industry. While most people may not know the history of his company, he has a long track record of making positive impacts on society. His company, named after his favorite sports team, prioritizes health and safety. Its dispensaries provide free delivery and a range of customer service options. In addition, George has a great deal of interest in the medical cannabis industry.

As a long-time benefactor of the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis has been involved with numerous companies in Florida. As a Board member of Liberty Health Sciences, he has also contributed to charitable organizations like Red Bull Canada and the Agincourt Food Bank. In fact, he has been an active participant in philanthropy, and his charitable works in the state reflect this as well.

In addition to his experience in the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis has been an executive at a large company for nearly 15 years. He also has extensive experience in the energy drinks and alcohol industries. His passion for the marijuana industry led him to create WeedMD, a medical cannabis startup in Florida. He has helped many patients and made the company a success by keeping his focus on the needs of the patients and providing a safe and healthy environment for those who use it.

After retiring from Liberty Health Sciences, George Scorsis is also a member of the Red Bull Canada board. He has a wealth of experience in e-commerce, as well as in the medical field, and he has served as the president of the company’s Canadian branch. However, he remains active in the Florida business community and actively supports many organizations and initiatives. In addition to his involvement in Florida’s cannabis industry, George has been a champion of the cause of e-commerce and healthy communities.

After opening several medical marijuana dispensaries, George Scorsis has a proven track record in the medical cannabis industry. He is the founder of Liberty Health Sciences Inc. and has three dispensaries in Florida. He has a keen interest in the health of his clients, and has worked with several businesses in the highly regulated medical cannabis market. Among his current projects, his company has purchased the production facility of Starseed in Ontario.

A former CEO of Red Bull Canada, George Scorsis has worked in the medical marijuana industry for over 25 years. He has been active in the medical marijuana industry for years, and he has also made significant contributions to the state. His commitment to the medical marijuana industry has inspired him to open three dispensaries in Florida. The company offers free delivery and free education about the drug. He has also helped Florida patients make the most informed decisions possible.

George Scorsis has been involved in numerous businesses in Florida for over 15 years. While he has since retired, he has remained active in the business community. He has been involved with many charitable organizations, including the Agincourt Food Bank in Ontario. As the state’s cannabis industry grows, so too does his support of the local economy. He has also contributed to the community’s economic growth. This is just one example of his charitable activities.

Having worked with numerous companies in the medical marijuana industry, George Scorsis Florida has proven his expertise. He has also served as executive chairman of WeedMD. In addition to owning three dispensaries in Florida, he also owns a production facility in Ontario. As a passionate supporter of the industry, George has invested in the company’s Florida businesses and invested in its clients’ needs.